Niki's Lucky Draw

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participate in Niki’s Lucky Draw contest and stand a chance to win an Amazon gift card worth Rs. 5000. To participate: Go to gift card section in Niki → Click on “participate” under the Lucky draw gift card.
  2. There is no participation fee. Users will not be charged any amount for participating in the contest.
  3. Only one entry per user would be considered as valid. 
  4. This is a lucky draw contest and holds the right to choose the winner.
  5. The contest will remain open for all the users of Niki from 11/09/2019 to 20/09/2019.
  6. Winner of the contest will be announced on 24/09/2019.  
  7. The winner will receive his/her prize within 2-3 working days after the result has been announced.
  8. holds all the rights to change or alter the terms and conditions associated with the contest at any point in time if deemed necessary.
  9. By participating in this contest you hereby give your consent to be governed by these terms and conditions.