Benefits of being Niki’s Elite Member

Transact Now, Pay Later

Auto-redeemed Credits

Refer and Earn

Exclusive Offers

How do I become an Elite Member of Niki ?

  • Niki automatically chooses a user to join the 10,000+ strong Elite Club, by intelligently observing their behaviour.
  • Becoming friends with someone doesn't take any special efforts, it happens over simple conversations, right? The same applies here.
  • Simply explore and place orders in multi services.
  • More you transact, more are your chances to become an Elite User.

Benefits of Becoming an Elite User

  • Transact Now, Pay Later

    Month-end money crunch and due bills? No worries, Niki has got your back! Now Niki Elite users can transact for a service whenever required, and pay for it later.

    How it works?

    1. Users will see a Pay Later option (LazyPay) on the payment page while making a transaction. However, the option may not be available for each transaction or service.
    2. Tap on ‘LazyPay’ on payment page to complete the transaction instantly.

    What is the limit of usage in terms of total amount?

    1. The credit limit, or the amount upto which you can use Pay Later option, is decided by our partner (LazyPay) for each user.

    When to pay the amount back?

    1. For transactions made between 1st to 15th day of a month, bill is generated on 16th of the same month.
    2. For transactions made between 16th to 30th, bill is generated on 1st of next month.
    3. Payment needs to be made within 3 days of receiving the bill / statement, to avoid late fee.
    4. It is advised to pay the due amount as soon as possible after making the transaction. No need to wait for the bill statement to be generated.
    5. Pay for all the transactions at once: Say, you paid your postpaid bill worth Rs. 800 on 13th July and electricity bill worth Rs. 2000 on 18th July, using the pay later option. You can pay Rs. 2800 at once, before or after the bill is sent to you on 1st of August.

    How to pay back?

    1. Bills can be settled by logging in on LazyPay website, and clicking on ‘Pay Now’.
    2. Bill payment reminders like SMS/Email also have a link which can be used to make the payment.
    3. Debit card, credit card or Net Banking are the options one can use to pay the amount back.
  • Higher credit redemption limit:

    For Elite users, Niki credits are redeemed automatically for 50% of the transaction amount while making a payment, while for other users it is 25%. If you are an Elite user with Niki credits in your account, and make a transaction worth Rs. 100, 50 Niki credits will automatically be used and you’ll have to pay just Rs. 50.

  • Exclusive offers:

    Avail amazing deals every now and then, which are specially offered to Niki Elite users only.